Letting you find good tenants

We give private landlords the ability to dig deeper when background checking their prospective tenants, using information that's otherwise only available to professional property managers.

A GoodTenantâ„¢ background check delivers a comprehensive report letting you know whether your prospective tenant is likely to be a good tenant, based on the results of each of our checks.

We'll let you know whether they've passed with flying colours or if we've turned up any factors that might make you think twice, and give you an overall score. 

Our background checks are based on all the information available and we recommend choosing a package that includes conducting interviews with references, to ensure you catch anything that may not have been entered into official record.

The process is very simple and it starts when you're looking for a new tenant.


Order the background check package you require for the rental property you're about to put tenants into. 


Direct the tenants you've selected to apply for your property using the link and the code we'll send you.


As soon as their application has been received, we'll carry our their background check and supply you with all the information you need to make a good decision.